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Presidential elections 2022 - Paul Elvere DELSART, the most complete, serious and visionary candidate for the governance of France - His action plan: an opportunity for social-political organizational, environmental and cultural change for France and the whole of the nations of the world from 2023 through mass territorial, national and transnational cooperation - Informational content only


Presidential elections 2022 - Paul Elvere DELSART, the most complete, serious and visionary candidate for the governance of France - His action plan: an opportunity for social-political organizational, environmental and cultural change for France and the whole of the nations of the world from 2023 through mass territorial, national and transnational cooperation - Informational content only



Mr. Paul Elvere DELSART is a French social entrepreneur with an atypical profile currently residing in the municipality of Léognan in Gironde, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France. Today, as he approaches his 42nd birthday, he is the bearer of an innovative vision and a highly ambitious action plan relating to social engineering with an international dimension.



For several years, he has been carrying out a transnational major societal change program, the EL4DEV program, providing real operational and organizational solutions for France, Europe and the whole world.


Paul Elvere DELSART has a structured and coherent political vision for France. He designed an application mechanism capable of profoundly modifying all the codes of French society and of modifying the very foundations of international cooperation.



His objective: to provide a highly stimulating framework and appropriate participatory tools to initiate unprecedented mass decentralized cooperation and quantifiable and computer modelable progress actions to thus positively transform the social-organizational environment of France and the rest of the world. All countries are affected by its approach and actions.



To do this, he first conceptualizes a universe that he materializes through a new kind of international Live Action Role-Playing Game - in Alternate Reality (that is to say using transmedia narration) in which the border between fiction and reality is deliberately imperceptible or even non-existent. It is called "The EL4DEV Confederation" otherwise known as the Green Empire of the East and the West. This massively multi-player "strategy game" is highly experiential and culturally transformative because the actors act as reformers of all structures and codes of society.



Thus, it brings individuals from different nations, regardless of social-cultural environments, to collectively build a vast ethical, ecological and societal empire integrating all the nations of the East, West, North and South. This empire would be unequaled in human history because of its atypical characteristics; it is an empire that will prosper greatly over time.



The Green Empire of the East and the West is a very real confederation of individuals, ecovillages, tourist and non-tourist agricultural-climatic plant complexes and small towns (less than 3000 inhabitants) located all over the world and interacting in a decentralized manner through numerous cooperation agreements with a common objective of societal development.



Unlike a federation involving a central power, a confederation implies the sovereignty and empowerment of all the territories, municipalities and peoples involved in the dynamic / movement.



Like any mechanism for establishing a new civilization, that of the Green Empire of the East and West includes the use of multifunctional infrastructures. These are educational tourist cities and agricultural-climatic eco-landscape complexes labeled LE PAPILLON SOURCE and their vertical plant structures that emit beneficial waves and electromagnetic fields called THE PLANT-GREEN-VEGETAL CALDERAS.



The foundations and philosophy of LE PAPILLON SOURCE are inculcated in the participatory design, collective construction and operational management of a set of experimental, agricultural-climatic, agricultural-tourism, educational, self-managed and interconnected plant cities and complexes across the world.



Each city / plant complex labeled LE PAPILLON SOURCE will be interconnected with others of the same type (tourist or not) located around the world, in totally different environments (geographic and social-cultural). Cultural cooperation connections (setting up of online intellectual / scientific and artistic cooperation events) will be established between all the countries participating in the initiative (thanks to a powerful information system developed by the EL4DEV program) in order to design them and build them collectively. All the technical solutions, tools and processes emerging from the collective intelligence of peoples (individuals of all social backgrounds and of all generations) will be shared between nations. It is a transnational decentralized cooperation project. All nations are on an equal footing.



LE PAPILLON SOURCE cities / plant complexes are the vector of gathering and cooperation of individuals around the world as well as the common objective: "The beautiful and perfect places, experimental, self-regulated and interconnected cities of refuge and peace represent the goal to be reached for our societies in imbalance."



The peculiarity is that these multifunctional experimental infrastructures (with an eco-landscape, agricultural-climatic, educational and tourist function for some) will belong to the international community and not to any shareholders. They will belong to the peoples; and this in every nation.

Each country (specifically individuals and municipalities in these countries) will be able to finance the collaborative design and construction activities of these cities / complexes (whether they are tourist sites or simply aimed at regenerating degraded local ecosystems) thanks to a transnational inter-municipal program named "THE MUNICIPALITIES COUNTER-ATTACK".



The concept of THE MUNICIPALITIES COUNTER-ATTACK is simple; we encourage and invite the municipalities, in particular the smallest and most isolated ones (less than 3000 inhabitants), to unite, to cooperate, to group together in National Economic Interest Groups with a 100% societal vocation (this is that is to say of general interest), in order to co-finance in unified groups the development (participatory design + collective construction) and the operation (management + maintenance) of these cities and complexes. The financing, design and construction of these infrastructures are modular and therefore take place in successive blocks / stages. The initiation of the process of establishing a city / complex in a designated locality is done systematically by building upstream of one or more vertical plant structures called "THE PLANT-GREEN-VEGETAL CALDERAS".



THE PLANT-GREEN-VEGETAL CALDERAS are phase N°1 of implantation. These are vertical and self-regulated agricultural eco-landscaped parks that can be visited in 3 dimensions (humidity generators by evapotranspiration of plant species included, tools to fight against the destruction of biodiversity and deforestation, spaces of refuge and well-being for birds and bees, places of relaxation and reconnection with nature for visitors, tools for protection against harmful electromagnetic waves, space for agricultural production of old and wild varieties using alternative techniques). These are the key modules of LE PAPILLON SOURCE cities / complexes.



Collective financing of all infrastructures is being done gradually. The financing capacities evolve with the increase in the number of municipalities integrating the EIGs. The more the number of municipalities increases, the more the collective financing capacity of an EIG increases, the more the infrastructures can be important in size / surface or simply in number (located in various localities).

The interest of participatory financing of municipalities: the infrastructures built will belong to these inter-municipal and societal economic interest groups. These general interest EIGs will be the only beneficiaries of the tourism economic benefits derived from the economic model of cities and plant complexes. The inhabitants of the municipalities as well as the Internet users will also be able to make their contribution to the edifice by co-financing the development of the infrastructures via the many online crowdfunding platforms or simply via the website of the EL4DEV program.



Management contracts established between the EIGs and the French nonprofit think tank named LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV (currently domiciled in the municipality of Léognan, Gironde, Nouvelle Aquitaine, France but can be transferred at any time) leads them to automatically transform commercial benefits into various local solidarity and environmental projects so that local populations are the ultimate beneficiaries. The agricultural production of cities / plant complexes (fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants and honey) will be distributed to the most vulnerable local populations (uniformly distributed among the municipalities that are members of the EIGs) or to local or national charitable organizations.

These cities and complexes will also be sources of employment and major tourist attractions for the localities in which they will be located. There will only be one EIG per country. Each country will have its own national EIG bringing together all the municipalities that have chosen to follow the national dynamic.



LE PAPILLON SOURCE is therefore not an investment project in the various countries in which it will be established but a real project for a respectful and balanced alternative society, a process of international cooperation, the empowerment of each nation and then the distribution of wealth locally, nationally and internationally. It is also a project of inclusion, cohesion and social peace for local populations and then of opening up and international influence for small isolated and asphyxiated communities around the world.



Paul Elvere DELSART is seeking funds for the development of this transformative / reforming program. This is done in particular by soliciting patrons and sponsors that we select internationally.

Funding can be achieved in successive stages because EL4DEV is a multi-lever process, in other words a mechanism with several wheels. When a step is activated, the next step is automatically activated. The more we advance, the more the interlocking becomes simpler.



Paul Elvere DELSART now needs the involvement of visionary municipalities in France and around the world adhering to the values of the social and solidarity economy and then looking for alternative development methods and national and international visibility.

He plans to interconnect as many of these rural municipalities as possible, whether in France or elsewhere.



In short, the goal of Paul Elvere DELSART's initiatives is to collectively found a new just and balanced society and to transform the earth into a non-hostile nurturing forest planet in which living beings thrive. This requires the launch and the realization of many Pharaonic projects (environment, agriculture, architecture, energy, education, governance, etc.) in all nations.



If you have always been fascinated by the founding processes of past empires be it the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire, the Mongol Empire, the Empire of Japan, the Chinese Dynasties, the French Empire or even the African empires here is the opportunity to join the game (which however has nothing virtual).



Thus, the keystone of this atypical Empire-building "game" of a new kind is the powerful and innovative program of which Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART is the designer: the EL4DEV program which integrates the sub-programs LE PAPILLON SOURCE (including its territorial variations) and its PLANT-GREEN-VEGETAL CALDERAS then THE MUNICIPALITIES COUNTER-ATTACK



In itself, the EL4DEV program is a unique international program of social engineering (a hidden field of social sciences) and participatory multidisciplinary engineering aimed at empowering all the peoples of the world and establishing a new just and balanced civil society.



It represents a transnational mechanism of national cohesion and societal diplomacy (decentralized international relations based 100% on the societal aspect of development - The actors of cooperation are small municipalities, ecovillages and micronations). It creates new ways of cooperation between all individuals who work in unified and cooperating national groups, all for a common destiny.



This environmental, societal, educational, political and geopolitical program has already attracted the attention of very high-ranking individuals in several countries that Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART has personally approached for several years at the shadow of the media. However, it will remain 100% independent of any influence whatsoever (whether political, religious, cultural or economic).



It represents a real opportunity for profound change and rebirth for all nations who can thus position themselves as co-actors in the establishment of a new cultural and thought movement with international reach. Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART calls it the EL4DEV 2nd movement of RENAISSANCE.



In the end, Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART calls for the regrouping of small towns in each nation of the world, for national cohesion within territories and nations as well as for collaboration between different peoples. He invites them to take part in the "game", which will provide them with a stimulating framework and innovative tools and then reveal all of their potential.



The Green Empire of the East and the West is therefore the realization of several decentralized political-societal unions integrated by many peoples, municipalities and nations around the world.



The 7 reasons to support the EL4DEV Program:


1. Support an economic model where values are at the center and humans are in harmony with their environment

2. Support a project falling within the framework of the Social and Solidarity Economy

3. Support the visibility of local societal initiatives and help their development

4. Support the opening up and revitalization of territories

5. Support the provision of New Information and Communication Technologies for regional development

6. Support the recognition of the potential brought to the Program by atypical profiles around the world

7. Support a program in permanent movement, driven by local initiatives, and with a global dimension.



As a major player in the social and solidarity economy (SSE), the EL4DEV Program intends in its work to bring together and encourage, by "arching" them, the greatest number of local initiatives, in order to give them, through new information and communication technologies (NICT) a global resonance.



The French are looking for alternatives to political parties.



Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART, member of any political party (independent), is therefore currently asking France’s mayors, municipal councilors, community councilors, departmental councilors, regional councilors and members of assemblies of communities with special status for the necessary collection of the 500 signatures in view an official candidacy for the French presidential election of 2022.



Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART wishes to cooperate with all the nations of the world.





Who is Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART? Visionary and altruistic multidisciplinary engineer then founder of the Green Empire of the East and the West (the EL4DEV Confederation)



His first press articles in French and English (others will come very quickly in several languages)


- On the Green Empire of the East and the West (French) (Refresh the page if a technical problem occurs when opening)


- On the Green Empire of the East and the West (French)


- On one of the projects (or action plans) in Cameroon (French and English)



His first press releases (others will come very quickly in several languages)


- On the Green Empire of the East and the West (English)



His personal website (including all the information on his vision and the transnational program on which the Green Empire of the East and the West is based)



The official declaration and presentation of the Green Empire of the East and the West otherwise called The EL4DEV Confederation (live action role-playing game of participatory creation of a new society and an alternative supranational body)



The international societal change and participatory multidisciplinary engineering program named EL4DEV



The international sub-program of interconnected agricultural-climatic cities / plant complexes (self-managed showcases / schools to experiment with new models) named LE PAPILLON SOURCE


Experimental self-managed agricultural-climatic cities labeled LE PAPILLON SOURCE

LE PAPILLON SOURCE includes several sub-labels: The Mediterranean label of LE PAPILLON SOURCE

LE PAPILLON SOURCE includes several sub-labels: The INNER AFRICA label of LE PAPILLON SOURCE


The other sub-labels of LE PAPILLON SOURCE


The principles used in self-managed and "food banks" agricultural-climatic and agricultural-tourism cities / complexes labeled LE PAPILLON SOURCE



The international decentralized inter-municipal cooperation sub-program named THE MUNICIPALITIES COUNTER-ATTACK - The financing tool for cities and complexes labeled LE PAPILLON SOURCE



Vertical and agricultural-climatic plant structures called PLANT-GREEN-VEGETAL CALDERAS - Key modules and climate generators (positive geoengineering tools) of cities and complexes labeled LE PAPILLON SOURCE


The Green Empire of the East and the West is first and foremost the regrouping of local initiatives and the opening up of isolated territories around the world


1 – EL4DEV or the interconnection and grouping of local initiatives around the world


2 - LE PAPILLON SOURCE relies on the support of the railway to develop its vector initiatives for social peace, national cohesion and societal diplomacy - Positioning PLANT-GREEN-VEGETAL CALDERAS along the railway lines - Below, an initiative of cooperation with the French cooperative rail transport company RAILCOOP



The concept of SOCIETAL DIPLOMACY - A new non-centralized diplomatic model no longer based on the “economy” factor but on the “societal” factor


The EL4DEV program and LE PAPILLON SOURCE are the tools of a diplomatic plan to transform our societies - The ultimate objective of the EL4DEV social engineering program is the realization of several political-societal unions integrated by several peoples, municipalities (villages and cities) and nations of the world.


In short, the vision of Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART: The positive social engineering of the EL4DEV program


In short, the vision of Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART: his concrete action plan for social peace and societal diplomacy (his social-political program)



Press kits on the EL4DEV program


Brochures and White Papers on the EL4DEV program


Press review on the EL4DEV program


News from the EL4DEV program


The EL4DEV program web portal



The think-tank (non-profit organization) carrying the program: LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV domiciled in the French municipality of Léognan (Gironde, Nouvelle Aquitaine),1874386.html



LE PAPILLON SOURCESome concept art galleries (only the first artworks)



Paul Elvere DELSART needs your support - How to financially support the Green Empire of the East and the West


Using Paypal (donations by credit card possible)


Anonymous, using Wallet crypto (electronic wallet for cryptocurrencies)


MyEtherWallet (MEW) for Ethereum (ETH) and Sestrel (STL):

Public address to receive funds: 0xA55764Be08DD98C649bC8aE1C521243bD98226c8



Paul Elvere DELSART needs your support - How to operationally support the Green Empire of the East and the West


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The Green Empire of the East and the West

The EL4DEV Confederation


EL4DEV information system

EL4DEV strategic deployment tool

EL4DEV educational big smart data




LE PAPILLON SOURCE Marrakech Morocco      

LE PAPILLON SOURCE Tamansourt Morocco





Agricultural-climatic cities

EL4DEV self-managed food banks cities

The municipalities counter-attack  

Plant-Green-Vegetal calderas

Transnational Intellectual Cooperation Initiatives

Transnational Artistic Cooperation Initiatives

EL4DEV societal diplomacy

The Mediterranean diplomatic plan

The EL4DEV new Mediterranean area  

The EL4DEV second Renaissance movement





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